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Letter from Pat Greenman

Recently a friend visiting from Boise asked me what I liked about living in Burley. I replied that Burley is a city where many people give their time, talents and resources to improve the community. We are fortunate to live in such a city. Now we, the citizens of Burley, have an opportunity to pass this legacy on to future generations by voting to have a much needed new library.

If we were to ask local citizens what they feel about having a new library, I’m sure we would hear a variety of answers. I would like to share with you some of my observations and feelings. Our library reflects the heart of our community. It is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and interests gather to learn, to imagine, to communicate, to improve, to relax and to share. To some, it is like a home away from home, a place to be with others, a place to have time alone.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush said, “Libraries and librarians have definitely changed my life and the lives of countless other Americans. They deserve the support and patronage of every single one of us who values education.”

The need for a new library has been well established. On May 15th, we have the privilege of voting. Let us continue the wonderful legacy of giving to present and future generations. Please join Mayor Greenman and me. Vote YES for a new library.

Pat Greenman

Letter from Sarah Blasius

Laurie Welch’s library photo displayed on the front page of the Times-News Mini-Cassia publication (Feb. 29) tells the story! The photo shows a mother sharing – emphasis on sharing – a book with her young son, an opportunity made available to both of them by the Burley Public Library.

There are multi-layered concepts projected by this photo, probably one of the most important is that of intra-personal communication, not seen often enough in this age of digital conversation. If you have ever watched a young child enjoying the experience of holding a book, sharing a book with another, you will understand the significance of a facility which allows this to happen.

A library, such as Burley’s, offers many opportunities to persons of all ages to participate in the culture of sharing – besides the pleasure of sharing a vis-a-vis conversation with another human being, ideas are generated, political debates made available to the public and the study of humanities are offered, currently one from the Smithsonian Institution – the definition of both a local and a universal culture.

And yes, there are computers available to those who may not be able to access the devices in their own homes but yet want to be able to take advantage of services offered by the digital medium.

Obviously, the current library has outgrown its quarters, and is attempting to have a bond issue for a new facility put on the ballet by the City Council during its March 7 meeting. There have already been private funds offered to the City by the Burley Lions Club ($100,000) and by an anonymous donor ($350,000,) all contingent upon the passage of the library bond issue, an offer we can’t refuse!

The plan is to construct the new library in the immediate vicinity of several upper-division schools, including the CSI Burley campus. The students from the adjacent Cassia H.S. are excited to think that they will have a real library to access. They put a high value on such a privilege.

Many defend the presence of the Burley Golf Course as an “asset to our city.” Imagine what an asset a beautiful, functional library would be – a true definition of a culture, as it was in ancient Ephesus and Alexandria – guardians of otherwise lost cultures.

We will devoutly hope that the citizens of Burley and those who represent them will consider all arguments being given for a library, one which can define Burley’s culture as no other facility can. Let’s show the world who we are.


Sarah M. Blasius

Letter from Steve & Sherry Ormond

I remember as a young child standing in the middle of a library, overwhelmed by the rows and rows of books that towered high above my head. I loved the smell of waxed wooden floors and glue. And mostly I loved that I could read any of them that I wanted to! Later as we were in high school and college, many late nights were spent at long wooden tables, laden with the books we’d found to search for information that would amaze our teachers and professors. We didn’t have to own all of the high tech gadgets because the library could help us access whatever we needed. Now, we enjoy bringing our grandchildren to browse the picture book section and visit the story time lady, or find a book to take along for the drive to a distant destination—something we can “get lost” in to help the miles melt away.

The world has become smaller through modern technology, and keeping up is a constant challenge. Though our library staff juggles to the best of their ability, our library is sadly outdated and its resources stretched to the point of breaking. Of course, choosing fund allocation in our community is always a difficult decision when there are so many worthy projects needing to be considered. If we look down the road to see which of these projects will have lasting value for our community, we believe that a new library is one such project that will bring our town in line with the future. Voting for the new library will be held May 15, but if you are unable to do so then, you may vote at the courthouse from now through May 11.

We are voting in favor of the new library, and we hope that you will consider doing so as well.


Steve and Sherry Ormond

Letter to the Citizens of Burley from Sheila Adams

April 15, 2012

Dear Citizens of Burley,

Soon you will have an opportunity to build a wonderful asset for the community. A new Burley Public Library will provide the opportunity to expand many of the existing programs which lead to the increased literacy of our population (Story Time) as well as travelling exhibits which expand our knowledge of the world around us (Smithsonian exhibits.)

The increased usage of the library has put a huge demand on staff and facilities. We want this resource to continue to provide the latest in research materials, the latest fiction, large print materials, bi-lingual materials as well as Internet access to government forms, job applications and school texts.

After turning on their water and electricity, the library is one of the first public buildings a newcomer to Burley may visit, for they know they can find answers to many questions about our area there. They want the answers made quickly available in surroundings easy to navigate and pleasant for staff and visitors to utilize.

The new facility being adjacent to the CSI campus can only be a plus for both the college and the city. New businesses looking at our area, retirees desiring to return to their birthplace and those looking for a small community atmosphere to raise a family will find additional benefit from the synergy of having the 2 facilities next door to each other. The two will complement each other nicely and help our reputation as a progressive community.

Although I do not live within the city limits, I have always held a library card for I found the cost to be, at most, the same as buying 3 books per year. Since retiring I serve as a library volunteer and I see how the staff must juggle to accommodate all the children when the weather is bad. I’ve seen how crowded the place is during political panels with people peering around columns and shelves to see the speakers. It would be great if there was room or a way to enlarge the current library, but that has been done to the extent that it can be. It is time for a new library in a more useful location. I encourage you to vote “YES” at the upcoming election.

Sheila B. Adams