Letter from Steve & Sherry Ormond

I remember as a young child standing in the middle of a library, overwhelmed by the rows and rows of books that towered high above my head. I loved the smell of waxed wooden floors and glue. And mostly I loved that I could read any of them that I wanted to! Later as we were in high school and college, many late nights were spent at long wooden tables, laden with the books we’d found to search for information that would amaze our teachers and professors. We didn’t have to own all of the high tech gadgets because the library could help us access whatever we needed. Now, we enjoy bringing our grandchildren to browse the picture book section and visit the story time lady, or find a book to take along for the drive to a distant destination—something we can “get lost” in to help the miles melt away.

The world has become smaller through modern technology, and keeping up is a constant challenge. Though our library staff juggles to the best of their ability, our library is sadly outdated and its resources stretched to the point of breaking. Of course, choosing fund allocation in our community is always a difficult decision when there are so many worthy projects needing to be considered. If we look down the road to see which of these projects will have lasting value for our community, we believe that a new library is one such project that will bring our town in line with the future. Voting for the new library will be held May 15, but if you are unable to do so then, you may vote at the courthouse from now through May 11.

We are voting in favor of the new library, and we hope that you will consider doing so as well.


Steve and Sherry Ormond

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