Letter from Kathleen Hedberg

As Friends of the Burley Public Library, we are excited about the proposed new library building. The proposed new library building will address many needs while providing greater efficiencies. There will be adequate space and separate areas for children, young adults, students needing to study, people using computers, and others wanting to read and relax. The space is configured so that the librarians can see all these areas from the front desk, making the library easy to monitor.

The book processing area will be directly behind the front desk, so that librarians can quickly move from book processing to helping patrons. A great bonus for our both our Friends group and the librarians is that they and we will not have to be constantly moving chairs and tables whenever we have a book sale, program, or exhibit.

The community room at our current library is continually in demand for meeting space even though it can only hold about thirty adults. (More children crowd in for Story Time.) The new library will have a community room that will hold one hundred people with sliding doors to divide it into two rooms for smaller groups. It will have an outside door, making it accessible when the library is closed. These are only a few of the improvements that will benefit our community.

With interest on the proposed library bond at 2.79%–probably as low as it will ever be–this is a great opportunity for our community to get a larger, more efficient library building.

For the average homeowner, the cost of this new library will be $2.11 per month, which is less than $26 per year. One hardback book costs more than that, and a tank of gas costs a lot more.

We urge you to vote in the primary election on May 13. Vote “In Favor of” the general obligation bond that will fund our new Burley Public Library.

Kathleen Hedberg
President, Friends of the Burley Public Library

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